New Tiled & Slate Roofs

Tiled Roofs

Whether you have to maintain your current tiled roof, have the need for tile roof repairs, or need to replace your whole roof, then we can help.

For residents in the pontypridd and South wales areas, we can work to help you restore your roof, renovate an older building or repair roofs that have succumbed to weather damage. We work hard to ensure that our quality of workmanship is completed to the standard you expect.

We can remove tiles, apply tiles and ensure that your home or property retains its kerb appeal whilst keeping your home or commercial property water tight and free from risk.

Using only high performance materials, we can also insulate your roof when we fit an entire new roof and we always ensure that the edging and the roof top means that you will not experience water leakages and draughts.

If you are looking for tile roofing solutions, then we guarantee all new work and will take on projects for domestic and commercial clients. We only offer fair and competitive pricing and look forward to hearing from our potential customers.

Please call today for tile roofing that works to improve the outside of your home, and that leaves your home safe from the outside elements.

For all roofing requirements, contact Close Building Maintenance today on 07880 350425

Slate Roofs

Slate roofing has been around for years and is found on many historic and aged properties. We know the importance of getting the slate fitted perfectly. Our slate roofing team can repair and maintain your roof, ensuring that it keeps its traditional looking appeal but with modern benefits.

We use traditional roofing methods and techniques that will ensure your slate roof lasts many years in fact, many slate roofs can last up to a century.

Whether you wish us to use reclaimed slate or cement fiber slate , or the whole roof, we will always ensure that our suppliers have rigorously been tested the slate for breakages and cracks.

Our team also check every slate when it is unpacked and ensure that no chamfering or too much wear is present. This means that we will only fit slate to your roof that will withstand the modern weather, whilst still letting you have the traditional rustic feel that goes perfectly with the character of your home.

If you have a slate roof, ridge, porch or outbuilding requiring a new or partial slate roof, call us today for a free quotation.

For all roofing requirements, contact close building maintenance today on 07880 350425